Sunday, 27 December 2015

Xmas went wrong, a little

It's the day after Xmas, and I realize that with Mom flown off to South Africa on a mercy mission, that Dad is stuck with 2 teenagers. Not exactly a problem untill you discover that Mr Braam Junior is having a hump  the gifts the Father Xmas gave for Xmas were not nearly good enough or just not up to expectations. Whatever, it's dumper time.

Rescue me Zoni

So I wrote a Letter to the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) , yes God knows why they have 2 products that are essentially the same thing, but Playstation or SEN, it's the same piece of console junk at this point. So here is my letter:

1. I thought my son would start using the console again if I got him a game, our PS3 is almost a dustmagnet otherwise. He likes counterstrike, I suppose that's not a playstation game. But the game I got him sux apparently. I paid and downloaded
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (1)
(£19.99)  downloaded beforehand so we would not have to wait for the download, which was a dumb idea. Don't get things for teenagers that they don't want, it got into a bug sulk over this. Please can you refund transaction  -----------------to my wallet?

2. I decided to make the best of a bad thing and topped up the wallet so he could choose something himself, but it turns out that Destiny: The Taken King (1)
(£19.99) is DLC which was not clear from the store - so now we have 1 game that we cannot play (transaction
-------- ) and one that we will not play. Is there a way to rescue this console. I really hope it's possible with a little help from you guys.

Thanks in advance

And I got a response a few days later: 

Hi Conrad,

Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve refunded your purchase of [Destiny Taken King & Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare] and so £39.99 has been credited back to your account Wallet as agreed.

Your reference number -----------------------

Drop us a line if you ever need us again.


PlayStation Support


In a footnote to this situation, we also have a PS2, why? Will binning it pollute another small town's water-table with lead or should I recycle it along with the PS3 and buy yet another single-purpose device? Actually that's a lie the PS3 is a excellent blue-ray disc player, which would make sense if the remote control was not shaped like a fist and I actually had any blue-ray disks.

Steaming Steam

I hope the SONY support is better than Steam support  - note the dates and the fact that this Steam client bug below is still reproducible today.

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  1. Hooray - Sony got back to me - but they managed to forget what my question was. Off to a great start, luvckily I jsut pasted the text above into the ticket and let it rip down the system again. I love bloging as a way of filing post-it notes that never get lost.