Dead computer

So last week I finally grabbed the cake and upgraded  to Windows 10. I did this slightly by accident, and ended up doing a clean Windows 10 install the next day anyway. Not because the upgrade failed, but because in retrospect a clean install would let me get rid of all the dodgy registry keys and malware scripts and binaries scattered about.

Windows 10 upgrade is surprisingly smooth - even o na large old hard disk. Just leave overnight to cool and welcome to new desktop in the morning. It is really quite slick.

But my real problem was a motherboard with bad I/O channels which have been slowly creeping up on me in the last few months. So tomorrow I'll be compiling a list of PC parts and building a fresh machine.

Hardware research notes follow:

Omitting graphics, power supply and case - will try re-use those from my existing box, since they are in good nick still or recently bought.

CPU £167.97 amazon
mobo £65.41 dabs
RAM   £60.87 amazon
all-in : £294 
sounds good?


  1. Parts ordered - just 3 days later and some offers have already changed, the mobo is now cheaper at dabs and the ram is cheaper on amazon. cpu still better on amazon


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