Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Six Thinking Hats

Last night I joined a couple of software test engineers to discuss the Six Thinking Hats in a pub, in Cambridge. As you do, or at least we do on semi regular evenings as an extension of a Meetup which occurs monthly in the mornings. Now the evening meet is not an excuse to combine better software validation with alcohol, but rather to dive deeper.

If you are a Software Tester, based near Cambridge, you will only get to the office slightly late, on the last Wednesday morning of every month. And instead, get to meet early with us, grab a cuppa (hence the name lean coffee) and a croissant or other appropriate pastry. We meet before the day begins, and although not always fully awake, we cover many of the basics, have a very structured and lean/agile topic discussion format that feels more often like hot potato. The format is highly accessible, not everyone has to come with answers or even expertise. Beginners especially benefit, and we can all network, and grow. OK , so enough about the lean coffee morning, I hope anyone reading this with interest, well you should just in fact get there and try it.

Six Thinking Hats

Is a lateral thinking technique used to solve not just problems but also to analyze working solutions. Based on the book By Edward de Bo ISBN 0-316-17791-1 , it is also the source of the mystery third binary state Po. Po is the third thinking state. But since this was a serious meeting, we had some hats and an exercise which was awesomely driven along (although I talked and interrupted a lot as usual) by Karo Stolzenberg  who is our current chair. If you are keen to dive deeper as a software test engineer, join our meetups and grow. Follow Cambridge Software TestingClub @CambridgeSTC.

 I'm not going to go into what I took away from the Lateral Thinking and Six Hats as we covered them, there are a few good tips in it at any rate or source.

For your entertainment, here are the hats.

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  1. Follow @cambridgeSTC , and get the slide deck from the meeting here