Creative II

Every army has a uniform, but this is not a war of men against men, so the uniform is an optional. Private Conrad Braam had worn a uniform before in a war now abandoned, it had provided comforting identity, but that would not work here. This enemy has set no such rules in place, and has no need to either. This battle was under an open sky. No rules. When you are fighting a very real war against an invisible enemy, any "muggles" interference needs to be avoided, so trying not to look like a combatant would be helpfull.
Conrad had never thouight he was ever good at not looking a bit suspicious, middle-aged bearded men look that way by design he reckoned. Little things like the slight squint, even the hobble from the hurting shins did not help. In fact he knew that to nor look suspicious was impossible, so why not go with it as far as possible anyway. The solution, an Indiana-Jones leather hat, with a lived in feel. The hat was to be practical at first, but soon became a defence not just against the sun, and mostly the rain, but against obscurity. Nobody will notice us if we try hard to be noticed, or so it starts in our little mind.

*powering up*
Acquiring position.
Downloading latest intel package.

Mind Unit, was that the briefing agent's key message? Nothing else mattered she had said - but what was MU? Zaphodikus already held the scanner comfortably in one hand and tapped away with the thumb at the controls. The scanner was a re-purposed device, similar to one he had often toyed with before this war had began. Zaph knew at least what XM was, he was a re-charger. Just like in the last war, he would prefer to conduct this one from a distance, but who or what was he becoming now? Zaph steps a little closer to the portal, it humms for a moment, senses him and gently licks his aura. The scanner buzzes violently, and suddenly he knows what he must do to progress.