Monday, 2 January 2012

Resource links

E-Shopping links (my faves with *), these are more relevant to my Hobby pursuit. Chosen for shortest delivery and cheapest fro small orders in England really..

  • * BitsBox my fave, a small catalog suppplier,cheap postage, immediate delivery
  • * Oomlout great for Arduino bits
  • Quasar electronics they have kits
  • * Rapid Online good selection, huge catalog which also includes hardware and stationary.
  • Maplin Their catalog is a bit stale.
  • Sparkfun also for Arduino users, (in the USA supplier in uk someday)?
  • Coolcomponents Arduino and robotics parts
  • * RSH Electronics Small catalog but with good prices and some bargains
  • HobbyTronics Another small-catalog supplier - cheap and cheery
  • Spiratronics Another small-catalog, very cheap!
  • Farnell perhaps not that easy to use, they are good if you want to spend a lot more than just £40

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