Monday, 2 January 2012

Resource links

E-Shopping links (my faves with *), these are more relevant to my Hobby pursuit. Chosen for shortest delivery and cheapest fro small orders in England really..

  • * BitsBox my fave, a small catalog suppplier,cheap postage, immediate delivery
  • * Oomlout great for Arduino bits
  • Quasar electronics they have kits
  • * Rapid Online good selection, huge catalog which also includes hardware and stationary.
  • Maplin Their catalog is a bit stale.
  • Sparkfun also for Arduino users, (in the USA supplier in uk someday)?
  • Coolcomponents Arduino and robotics parts
  • * RSH Electronics Small catalog but with good prices and some bargains
  • HobbyTronics Another small-catalog supplier - cheap and cheery
  • Spiratronics Another small-catalog, very cheap!
  • Farnell perhaps not that easy to use, they are good if you want to spend a lot more than just £40


  1. Good day,

    I had a question regarding the “Resource links” page on your website. Are you accepting suggestions for the page?

    If you are, I would like to suggest adding Maker Pro under to the page. They are an active, open source platform for maker projects much like Hack A Day. These projects are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more. And better yet, the content is completely user generated. Here is the URL for their website if you would like to have a look:


    Let me know what you think of this suggestion or if you need any additional information!


  2. Good day,

    I am checking back with you. I was wondering what your thoughts were on “Maker Pro”, would you consider adding them to the “Resource links” page? Here is the URL for their website if you would like to have a look:

    I am looking forward to hear from you the soonest.