Thursday, 17 August 2017

Maxim DS onewire temp sensor home automation

Trying to create a hybrid Raspberry pi homebaked cheapie.

1. hookup to the solar heating water system (see prior blog article)
2. Add a power consumption sensor to monitor electricity use.
3. Add water temp and room temp sensors using 1wire dallas sensors

Starting from the bottom.

A cheaper display here

  • Next up is the power. I have a standalone wireless monitor, which is technically on loan, want to try share this unit along, and get myself a pickup coil and wireless that is easier to hack. (wired or wireless does not matter really.) My intention is to buy a Maplin unit which they sell for £40, and then hack either the wireless (433 MHz) or the internet API it has .
More info on the Efergy , harvested from the forums is this kind blog link detailing some of the protocols.

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