Tuesday, 27 September 2016

GameMaker GameFlake

Well here we are again, just doing a braindump and embarrassing anyone who happens to fins this tiny 5 kilobyte piece of the internet and read it. No, not the CIA, you! (The CIA read all blog posters, especially mine in case we happen to be sharing state secrets.)

I got Gamemaker Studio for a low low price and now we are messing around to see if I can beat my mate the Jorrus at creating a game. I am secretly hopeing that he is too busy playing Eve or Civilization 5 or just playing Space Engineers or probably more likely Elite Dangerous to be honest. But hope never paid the bills, so here goes. I'm going to save down my notes (me memory has become like a sieve.. no a small bucket) so that as I learn things, the rate at which I forget them is captured electronically instead.

The YoYo games site is pretty good and has a good reference and explains the language really well. And initially it all looks really really simple, until you start creating something. THey link to some youtube channel with a guy called Shean or is it Craig, I forget, but the clips are pretty good, other channel that is pretty goodderer still, than Shaun Spalding https://www.youtube.com/user/999Greyfox is the https://www.youtube.com/user/SlasherXGAMES channel.

But moving pics can get you down so some good wall of text can also be found here by a Ukrainian called Vladim and goes by the blog YellowAfterLife http://yal.cc/gamemaker-trace-function/
(catchy title)

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