Blueberry Footwraps

Are you a completionist? If so don't bother installing Idle Quest by TopCog onto your Android. It's the kind of game which is a lot like Clicker Heroes. Designed to use up time, doing nothing specific at all. Why not? Well the accomplishments are really easy to get most of. In fact you are going to get all but a handful of the game achievements (and the google play XP points) just by tapping the screen repeatedly and randomly so long as you do it about once a day, 5 minutes, over about 3 months. Sounding difficult yet?

In the clip I show you a hack to get levels in the game much faster, but I am missing a few accomplishments still. One of them is to craft a pair of "Blueberry Footwraps" boots.
I've yet to calculate the total number of craft-able items and quests you can go on along with quest storyline, it's pretty big, but not humongous. But the chances of crafting the specific footwrap boots are pretty low it seems.
I have managed to reach 92'nd on the leaderboard, so I've a way to go still. The boots seem to be just out of reach, I mean the "All your Spatula Needs" accomplishment seemed hard, but the 2 items are craft-able with some amount of ease individually. The trick is to have both items crafted, and then just wait until you get a Spatula city quest as well, which may or may not take terribly long. I think I waited about 10 minutes. If you get the Blueberry Footwraps do share.