Friday, 10 June 2016

failed mumble mumble : Rescue a partial gotoMeeting GTM recording

So, quick disclaimer, this post is a raw braindump. Nothing to see here (besides the fact that it ends in failure).
Today I was given a corrupted gotomeeting .G2M file to try and repair. I stupidly announced that I have repaired broken GTM recordings in the past. True and not true, 2 facts here:
Fact#1 GTM is a screen recorder, and as such is optimized for meetings and records at 10fps, in RAW by default to get good performance. Fact#2, the raw recording mode can be overriden in settings, and it's suggested you do so, it takes a bit more CPU poke, but is fine on most computers.

What has changed is that the codec Goto uses is a custom part, built to get performance, and like in all video tools you also need a decodec - luckily GTM provide the conversion tool in the UI.
If the UI fails... which it will do for me shortly, (I'm debugging while writing this as the conversion does take a few minutes) you have to try convert it manually.
OK, so now the digging starts.
While that goes on we are trying the following: use ffmpeg to convert the video to an MP4
Turns out ffmpeg seems to find the code needed for the g2m file and any container and starts decoding, but it's going to take hours and hours and the decoded file will probably be 30fps with higher data rate so that means around 10 x size increase...
But as we continue regardless, lets see what the support gurus can tell us at forums.

Final result, nope, conversion failed

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