Thursday, 28 January 2016

Why testing fails (the short of it)

I was asked to try take the speaking place of a colleague, and talk on this for CEWT #2. Cambridge Exploratory Workshops in test.
I was initially just hoping to get onto the reserve list, then someone dropped out after I wrote this. So here we go.
Not the kind of thing you want to admit having first-hand experience in when you work for a company falling into the top 100 of almost every desirable list. I'll share my 2 reasons on the topic "Why testing fails".
It's not possible any-more to book a place at CEWT #2, basically because the workshop is limited in size. But if you want to find out more, do get along to a lean coffee morning, just google for the (real) Cambridge meetup "software testing club lean coffee"
To be on 28th February at DisplayLink Cambridge. Contact JamesThomas @qahiccupps .

Rushed Implementations 

“Look before you leap” comes to mind.
  • Features without right hygiene loose in the quality department
  • Feature does not solve customer a problem and becomes harder to test
  • Test not involved early enough

Test Planning 

“Fail to plan, and plan to fail", going around in vicious circles comes to mind.
  • Close-down cycle with no resources planned or budgeted for it
  • Planning impacted by rushed implementation
  • Planning is easier than you think (with good data to support it)


  1. #CEWT 2 is comming

  2. The abstracts are up :