Saturday, 23 January 2016

humble bundle green screen challenge

What's the Humble Green Screen Challenge?
Inspired by FMV games, this event allows you to take a crack at making your own full motion video.

How should you make the videos?
We're providing some sample footage that you can use. All we ask is that you somehow involve that. There aren't any prizes to this challenge, so the rules are pretty darn loose.


YT demo clip:
My demo clip:
A bit like those DVD games where the DVD plays a clip then asks you a question, if you press "left", it plays another clip, if you press "right" it goes a different way. A bit like the make your own story choice skip to page X novels.

Stuff I learned along the way:
How to do Dolby in VideoStudio :
How to get 6 tracks (Dolby 5.1) from a stereo track in Audacity :
The audio results are not great- mostly due to not having any Dolby or surround equipment.

Chroma and background sources:
  • : Alex Free Stock Video Footage - Full HD - Fast Night Street
  • : Alex Free Stock Video Footage - Full HD - Animation - Disco Light 
  • : Alex Free Stock Video Footage - Full HD - Highway - Italy - Monte Carlo - GOPR0255
  • : Ufo Alien Spaceship Fly By - free green screen 
  • : fond vert ovni HD - Greenscreen UFO 1080HD
  • : Free Stock Footage_ Fish Swimming in Ocean Kelp Bed
  • : Galactic Journey in Space - Royalty Free Footage

Scoring time!

How do you rate my clip against some of the other subs?

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