Youtuber New Year resolutions

So we have a little challenge and a new years resolution declaration all in one.
Roux Harbour
The challenge is to share your new years resolutions for your YouTube channel. I hope as many people possible in the Community will participate.

So, here goes with the resolution making rules:
Record Yourself;
- Introduce Yourself, Your Name, Your Age, Your Nationality
- Introduce Your Channel, What Is It About, Mention If You Have Regular Segments etc.
- Tell Us ONE Resolution That You Have For 2016
- Tell Us What Inspired It/The Thought-process Behind It
- Tell Us If You Think It's Going To Be Hard, Fun, Difficult, Easy etc. To Achieve Your Goal
- Say This Sentence; What Is YOUR 2016 Resolution? I'd Love To Read All About It! Share In The Comments Below!

Hi I'm Conrad aka Zaphodikus, 45, South African, naturalized UK citizen.
My channel primarily covers my adventures in the Augmented reality and outdoors Google game called Ingress, it's very much an amateur learning experiment as channels go. More eclectic, often sporadic the channel keeps me honest, it keeps me playing a game which is much healthier than the Minecraft addiction that preceded it. My goal is achievable, but really audacious, I'm a computer programmer, and we call goals like this a BHAG, Big, Haury, Audacious, basically a mission statement size resolution. So my goal is to get to around 5000 views per month - and eventually $5 estimated earnings. It's a very long walk and I'll need to grow from 30 to around 300 subscribers to get there. Wish me luck.