Contemplative video games Part II

Back, with the round-up and value part of the summary. In Part 1 I rounded up 12 titles that approximately fit the bill of games that might calm the beast within. They were Dear Esther, Bastion, To the Moon, Trauma, Mind : Path to Thalamus, A new Beginning : Final cut, The Novelist, Year Walk, Proteus, Eidolon, Gone Home, The Graveyard.


 Do the game mechanics make sense, is the keyboard+mouse usable? Are you asked to achieve incredible acrobatics with the mouse to click on a tiny item? Is the game repetitive and non nonsensical at times frustrating in terms of UI? A score of 5 means good and obviously 0 = unusable.

Dear Esther5
To the Moon5
Mind : Path to Thalamus5
A new Beginning : Final cut4
The Novelist5
Year Walk5
Gone Home5
The Graveyard2


Price versus all the rest of the scored factors. Anything over £5 is penalised due to playtime expectations, and anything that has a free complete demo like the browser-based option to play Trauma will get a 5 for excellent value.

Dear Esther£6.994
Bastion£2.74 (demo)5
To the Moon£1.395
Trauma£4.39 (demo)5
Mind : Path to Thalamus£2.993
A new Beginning : Final cut£0.795
The Novelist£5.494
Year Walk£4.792
Gone Home£4.495
The Graveyard£3.99 (demo)2

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