Monday, 9 November 2015

Notable testing blogs

I'm continuing from last months quick post on the Software Testing club challenge.

The challenge is to comment on software test blog or forum posts in ways that add value or help you and others to learn and internalize.
(A #MOVEMBER update)

  • Excellent article about the need for Test to be given a tank-you for doing what is essentially a depressing job.  (
  • Why we are Automating the wrong tests (but not what that actually is, but still good validation) (Dorothy Graham)

 If you are like me, you use your blog as a wiki. (My brain is smaller than you think) I go back and edit what I know too, and so I'm adding something that is topical for me and hopefully for you around Performance testing. It's topical, because where I work we have totally separate teams to look at performance testing and that cleanly separates "scale testing" from pure "speed testing" (although both use scale to gather metrics, since performance at scale is what matters.)
  • A really good collection of resources
  • A good discussion post that highlights many good tactics

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