Monday, 9 November 2015

Notable testing blogs

I'm continuing from last months quick post on the Software Testing club challenge.

The challenge is to comment on software test blog or forum posts in ways that add value or help you and others to learn and internalize.
(A #MOVEMBER update)

  • Excellent article about the need for Test to be given a tank-you for doing what is essentially a depressing job.  (
  • Why we are Automating the wrong tests (but not what that actually is, but still good validation) (Dorothy Graham)

Monday, 2 November 2015

Dead computer

So last week I finally grabbed the cake and upgraded  to Windows 10. I did this slightly by accident, and ended up doing a clean Windows 10 install the next day anyway. Not because the upgrade failed, but because in retrospect a clean install would let me get rid of all the dodgy registry keys and malware scripts and binaries scattered about.

Windows 10 upgrade is surprisingly smooth - even o na large old hard disk. Just leave overnight to cool and welcome to new desktop in the morning. It is really quite slick.

But my real problem was a motherboard with bad I/O channels which have been slowly creeping up on me in the last few months. So tomorrow I'll be compiling a list of PC parts and building a fresh machine.

Hardware research notes follow:

Omitting graphics, power supply and case - will try re-use those from my existing box, since they are in good nick still or recently bought.

CPU £167.97 amazon
mobo £65.41 dabs
RAM   £60.87 amazon
all-in : £294 
sounds good?