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As usual I only find something I want when it's already sold out. Does this happen to you too? Last week it was a fund raiser walk I wanted to join, which unfortunately has already closed it's entries. So because it's actually going to be on this weekend, and, well I'd still have to raise some sponsors as well. But instead of waiting for next year, I'll use this timing as a warm-up for next year's Cambridge Starlight Walk in May 2016.

Why is this relevant to Testing?

I spotted an August challenge put up by @rosie, but it's already mid September.

Challenge = Post on 5 test related blogs.
I have done so randomly myself, and with mixed success, but aside from twitter sources, here is a starting list with an automation bent to it.

Post 1:
Post 2:

Post 3:
Post 4:
Post 5:


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