New Android Studio

May 2015
Tasked with getting kids going on writing an Android App (Android was chose although IOS is allowed.) I think we have 6 hours, maybe 18 tops.
1. Download the Android Studio (this also will get you to download the JDK as well)
2. Finnish installing both, decide on how you want Studio to look for you
3. Learn a bit of Java - just enough to create a simple app to be honest
4. Learn to debug it
5. Personalize and have fun bragging to your mates as school

OK so I volunteered to do a week away at a kids summer camp as junior staff for Scripture Union.
It's a special summer camp for kids into technology, with a spin on God ,building confidence and skills for kids who otherwise never get the kind of jump-start that contact with professionals in a safe and positive environment can give. It will be my first time on the LiveWires team as a helper/leader. There is a lot of need to cater for kids of different skill levels, but all really keen on this summer camp, which is a real geek-out affair. It's technology in one way or another for a whole week, but with one non-digital day in the middle where we go someplace for the day to be outdoors.

Since this will be done on-site at a boarding school, I will need to pre-download all the install-ables.
Time will be limited - make use of printed handouts (or pdfs) for all relevant documentation
Use templates as an accelerator to jump-start things. I'm following a more detailed version of these steps from this tutorial, which was up to date in Summer 2015 .

1. The Download
(32bit and 64-bit for laptops)

2. Install
After installing, you need to do 2 things, check for updates, and then download an SDK for your target platform and Android version.
Click on check for updates bottom of the screen, and update, may take a while.
Click on "Configure" in the Studio menu. And add the 4.2.2 Android packages. This will take ages, so go make a cuppa. To speed things up, you are probably wise to omit the MiPs and Intel packages - we won't be needing those unless you have a specific device in mind.

3. Learn
We are going to have to learn 2 things here, most of us are new to Java, and slightly new to how Andoird works. A good tutorial starter here . Convert it to something we can present is the real job of this blog-posting.

4. Debug
todo: This brings up the next activity question, how long do we have? I think we have 6 hours.

5. Personalize
Before I get into detail in my mind - if you are reading this blog, you really are reading my mind, so stop now if this is getting boring. ... I need to lay out the goals again.
  • Have fun and teach the kids skills they can take and develop further. Give the kids confidence in themselves and by focusing on strengths, keep them growing socially and spiritualy. 
  • This kinda means this does not have to be successfull, it could flop. It just has to grow confidence.
Visit the team blog here to learn more.