Monday, 28 July 2014

Which graphics card?

Crudders, it's cooking my system but we need a new card. The NVidia 9800 GTX is a fossil. It's not available in stores even, so I'm looking to upgrade from...

(the fan is not an original; it is a repair,)
to one of these. Radeon R7 260
I have a upper limit GBP100 and wattage 150.
Best price so far from 
Dabs £92.00
Scan £93.41

ebuyer £94.98 delivered

Amazon for £103.94

But I've just come aware of a lower power card (wattage) with more poke for a little bit more bucks.
The GeForce 750 TI. Dabs £97.96
Scan £99.98


It appears that some GPU heavy apps need some help if you are wanting CUDA support it might be possible to separately download/install from NVidia : And to ensure that each app is not using default settings for H/W acceleration. Always tweak if in doubt.

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