Thursday, 28 March 2013

Graphic Novel games

A new (to me at least) genre of games has found it's way into my life, the graphic novel. And not just any storytelling, good storytelling, either deep or humourous and sometimes a bit of both. Always thought provoking, are what make it into my list of must plays when you want to just be with yourself. Here are a couple I have come across, please check them out, and have a peek at the creators as well for more of the same genre if you are not satisfied with my picks.

First up is Bastion from Supergiant Games.

My next selection (most recently played) is To the Moon by FreeBird Games, and yes they do have a freebee or so.

 Moving along to, Dear Esther by thechineeseroom. This one is probably the most dark and broody, but definitely sitting up there in terms of quality.

Finally for now is Trauma . Probably the first game in this storytelling ala graphic novels line that I ever played, it is also available in a free version in your web-browser. Trauma is developed by Krystian Majewski

Hope you all enjoy. And no, these games are available through publishers other than Steam as well.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Minecraft over RDP

OK ,so the Minecraft client is an opengl application, but it will not get past the logon screen unless it can detect some OpenGL hardware - problem is if you RDP, all you get left with is software rendering. Minecraft will barf.

So why would you want to run Minecraft in an RDP session? you wouldnt' but in my case I simply want to test my internet connectivity to my MC server at home.

<# returns a collection of session objects for local computer #>
function GetSessions()
    $sessions = query session
    1..($sessions.count -1) | % {
        $temp = "" | Select Computer,SessionName, Username, Id, State, Type, Device
                        $temp.Computer = $c
                        $temp.SessionName = $sessions[$_].Substring(1,18).Trim()
                        $temp.Username = $sessions[$_].Substring(19,20).Trim()
                        $temp.Id = $sessions[$_].Substring(39,9).Trim()
                        $temp.State = $sessions[$_].Substring(48,8).Trim()
                        $temp.Type = $sessions[$_].Substring(56,12).Trim()
                        $temp.Device = $sessions[$_].Substring(68).Trim()

$sessions = GetSessions
$sessions | ft
$id = ($sessions | ?{$_.username -eq $env:username}).id
& tscon $id /dest:console
start-sleep -s 5
&java "-Xms512m" "-Xmx1024m" "-cp" "$($env:APPDATA)\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar;$($env:APPDATA)\.minecraft\bin\*" "-Djava.library.path=`"$($env:APPDATA)\.minecraft\bin\natives`"" "net.minecraft.client.Minecraft" "zaphodikus" "******" ""

where zaphodikus is the username and ***** is the password is the server address and port number.

OK ,so what are we really doing?

Setting up minecraft server, so here are some more tips : on setting up a socks proxy. A what? Socks, as in sockets.