Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOM : Demand for the signetics 25120 ROM alternative chips outstrips supply

With the demand for more storage increasing every day and carbon nanotube elements becoming a hot topic in nanomemter computing architectures, system density versus capacity is not keeping track. Fortunately a little piece of technology developed a decade ago in Whitehall may come to the rescue thanks to advances in crypto technology which unlock the power of WOM.

So what exactly is the Signetics Corp 25000 series chip do? When its WOM of course, Write only memory - see spec sheet here attached.
The Whitehall connection lies in the Conservative (political party) requirement to write numerous and lengthly manifestos, it is rumoured that the party funded much of the research into development of the technology.

The truth:
Out of frustration with the long and seemingly useless chain of approvals required of component specifications during which no actual checking seemed to occur, an engineer at Signetics once created a specification for a write-only memory and included it with a bunch of other specifications to be approved. This inclusion came to the attention of Signetics management only when regular customers started calling and asking for pricing information. Signetics published a corrected edition of the data book and requested the return of the 'erroneous' literature.

See also //dev/null

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