Friday, 7 December 2012

Let DropBox Cloudify your Singleplayer Minecraft game

A description replete with adverts of how to do this can be found on lifehacker here. It suggests installing a little tool which not everyone will have, so to do this on most any Windows workstation in Powershell just follow these steps in a powershell console while logged on in your desired Windows profile (minecraft saves game files per user.)
Run Powershell as an administrator (reuqired to create a symbolic link)

cd $env:appdata
cd .minecraft   # note the prceeding dot here on the foldername <-- span="span">
mkdir $env:userprofile\DropBox\Minecraft -force # Assuming your dropbox folder is still the default.
cmd /C "mklink /D $env:userprofile\DropBox\Minecraft\MySaves" $pwd
# running this in cmd is the easiest way to path to mklink from powershell that I know


symbolic link created for C:\Users\conradb\DropBox\Minecraft\MySaves <<===>> C:\Users\conradb\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

Dropbox will start adding all your saves into the cloud, just watch your space consumption! Do this on each PC, and viola.

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