Thursday, 19 July 2012

Raspberry Python with no X

Continues the trail of using Debian squeeze on the pi without a graphical display and browser.
Since we have not gotten the gpio utility yet, let's do that now
cd /tmp
And next for the install steps go to Gordon's web site .

sudo pip install RPi.GPIO
This will grab the Python gpio library, next we need to get it doing something more interresting in Python.
To speed things up, you may want to set up the root user:
sudo passwd root
and then login again as root this time

The GPIO library sample code can be found in the magpi.
The fun result of all this is the game of ladder, which combines hardware and software with your skill at both :

Here is a video of everything on a breadboard stuck to the prototyping area on my Pi. (The prototyping base is available from SK Pang)

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  1. Hi,

    Great post! Im trying to get this to work but as a new RaspPI owner im really struggling. I have my PI up and running with Wheezy...and now im stuck. I dont know what to do next. When i try to get the WiringPI installed it just gives me errors...and GIT....i dont know what it is, or if i have it!

    I dont suppose you know if there is a real idiot proof guide out there?