Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Raspberry Pi continued

Since the goal is to get started using GPIO, and we are going to be handling the board quite a lot, some hardening of the board is required. My Pi needs a home, it needs a case.

I spotted this one on SK Pang, being used as a simple LED project using Python. Knowing how to get the GPIO under control is going to be critical if we are going to accomplish our goal.

Part 2
Bootup script
Using Nano to edit files
Installing Python package

Tired of Typing Super-User Do?
So on my debian squeeze distro, su is short for sudo (not sure why sudo is too much to type, when frankly my gray-matter has enough trouble remembering just one command.) The answer is revealed by typing
man su
su -l
Which log you on as a specific user you supply. But you will loose your environment and current folder, to keep them, the parameter you want is -m.  NOTE: the -l (letter 'ell' is case sensitive.) Type su -l again to log out of the current shell. For more hints, google is your friend. Just remember to log out of the secure shall afterwards when you do not needed it, it may prevent unfortunate data loss. you have backed up your SD card?
Boot-up script on the Debian distro Raspberry
Apart from the arm setting up the graphics chip, the booting or run-leveling of start-up and shutdown processes is controlled easiest using the bum (Boot up Manager) utility. Boot and shutdown are somewhat analagous to service dependencies in Windows, but with a lot more fine-grained control and perhaps power for end-users.
Using Nano
Haha, gotcha there, I still have to use Nano more than just a few times to really get a good impression of things the help doc that abound on the web are not making bleeding obvious allready. Since my goal is to get up and running quickly with the minimum of "curve", I will rather keep quiet untill I can add real value.

Installing Python
Easy as pie. [TODO:] gotcha there, this will have to appear in the next edition of my Pi exploration. Also up in the next edition will be acessing GPIO.

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