Get Debian onto WM8650 Android Tablet

Toxic forums :
Other tablet Android ROMS (Uberoid) :
Preparing a micro-SD with Debian:

Installing curl, installing python packages
sudo apt-get install curl 
Next, you want pip, so you can pull python packages down without a browser
sudo curl | sudo python
cd pip 
sudo pip install
pip search rpi
it will list:
RPi.GPIO                  - A module to control Raspberry Pi GPIO channels
iterpipes                 - Shell pipelines in Python using shell-like syntax
iscorpio.plonepm          - A Plone way to manage project
django-paintstore         - A Django app that integrates jQuery ColorPicker
                            with the Django admin.
PlayerPiano               - Amazes your friends by running Python doctests in
                            a fake interactive shell.
collective.z3cform.colorpicker - colorpicker widget for z3c.form
tarpipe-python            - A Python interface to the TarPipe API
collective.js.colorpicker - UNKNOWN
iscorpio.themes.redmaple  - iscorpio readmaple Plone 3 theme
iterpipes3                - A library for running shell pipelines using shell-
                            like syntax
js.jquery_colorpicker     - fanstatic jQuery color picker
js.jqueryui_syronex_colorpicker - Fanstatic packaging of syronex_colorpicker