Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dissecting a Golf Ball

As part of the year-long science week I have undertaken (I started about 2 years ago I think) I am going to unveil what it is that makes a golf ball go quite as far as they do these days.Click on the linky below to see for yourself what's inside coutesy of someone who has done this in a slightly-scientific way.

Larissa's blog: Looking Glass Self: Dissecting a Golf Ball: Mosey is a chewing machine.  Today, I was resting on the couch and Mosey was chewing on a golf ball.  Suddenly I heard this crackling, explo...

That's pretty much a vignette of part 1, my version however involves a series of youtube videos. We explore what might be inside a golf ball. If you clicked on Larissa's link, you will spoil the videos which start here.

Part 2 is the math and sciencey part, around how the rubber stores energy at the point it is struck, and turns that energy efficiently into a flight, aided by the dimples on the ball. The dimples create an air-pocket system around the ball, that reduces turbulence and in fact carries the ball further than if it were just smooth on the outside.

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