Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Myshed Free Image Composite editor

Microsoft ICE for short, it's a free tool, take it or leave it style.

It will take you longer to actually capture the pictures to make one of these up than it does to render it. On a 4-core machine it takes about 20 seconds. So for your viewing pleasure, the inside of my workshop. It's currently off-limits due to outside temperatures being a bit too low to work for long. I have insulated it (all the silver bits), which makes it pretty cosy once the temp goes above 10 degrees outdoor.
To make your own stitching, simply google for 'microsoft image composite editor', hit the download button (32 or 64-bit) . If needed install any Microsoft runtime pre-requisites (I had to because this is a  machine rebuild.) When the program opens, optionally set the stitch mode to 'auto'. Start a new project or just drag a bunch of pics all at once into the window and wait. Once that's all done you would have thought you can use your stitched image panorama as a background on dual or even triple monitors? No dice. Windows only lets you configure 1 wallpaper - which is a let-down if you are a purist who hates downloading and installing guff onto the computer. You need a wallpaper manager app to stretch it and place it for you, so for now unless I can script it, it's not happening.

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