Amazon is amazing?

Every now and then, I leave the well beaten track. Mostly this lifetime has made me more often than not seek a bargain at the expense of others, free stuff is more welcome of late, and even if it looks like stealing - it's a free market out there. I mean fairness is foremost on my heart, which is strange, because everyone else seeems to be out to take the SWAG before I get there... so when I downloaded the amazon android marketplace, hopeing to support my fave retailer, I was dissapointed to find that 6 months after the US launch the amazon android realm only covers USA,Canada, and of-late India, that last one raises more questions than it answers unfortunately; and I am once again left with a dark taste in my mouth. These days, the internet is moving faster and faster, and a even few days without encrypted mobile email service can seem like forever.
The only thing stopping me from getting up and knocking amazon block is that the floor is all slick with the same sickly smelling sticky stuff.