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OK, don't get me wrong, Lego Universe is a great online experience, but the support provided for the subscription service is a bit infuriating. I keep thinking I am missing something, because I can't be the only one who wants my child to play safely online. My support ticket starts like so:

I (Zaphodikus) have received an e-mail after my child (bigsmall2011) has added a "best friend", inviting me to view/control who my child plays with online, but I cannot seem to find this control panel referred to in the e-mail, is it because I am not their "LEGO-parent"? I am the bill payer, so how-come even though our lego ID's have the same e-mail address am I not allowed to control/monitor? Your website does say
"You can manage your kid’s LEGO Universe account to make decisions about his or her game experience. Set the playtime of when you want your child to play and approve or decline the Best Friends requests. "
...but gives me no clue as to how to do this, especially confusing is how I keep on switching between my son's login and mine as a use this website. (like now).
Can someone please help me associate our accounts.

Best regards
Conrad Braam (aka Zaphodikus)
Elicits the response below, I've trimmed it down to just the funny part:

Thank you for contacting us about parental controls.

So you want to do your part for the Nexus Force and help protect your child on their adventures?
Here at LEGO Universe, we understand how important your child's online safety is. By managing a child account as a parent or guardian, you will be given access to special security options to help you control your child's safety in-game. You will be able to confirm who your child is best friends with in-game as well as being able to control which hours your child can play throughout the week.

To begin managing your child's account, please follow the instructions below:
2. Click "Log In", enter the CHILD account details and click "Sign In".
4. Enter your PARENT LEGO ID (if you don’t have one yet, please click on “Sign up”), tick the box and click "Submit" to confirm.
...then I am supposed to log out, and log back in as the child account...
8. Return to the CHILD account page and again click on "Setup Account".

So I did all this, which included an emailed copy of my ID, but I can still not see any screens to control my child's login times or manage relationships. So our accounts should now be "linked", although I can see no evidence of this to date. I still cannot do what I wanted to, but the first ticket has been closed.

My second support ticket asking for help with my origional problem in ticket#1 seems to completely throw away the standard LU policy (as above), the response was:

Thank you for contacting us about LEGO Universe. We are very happy to have you on board for our quest to save Imagination in LEGO Universe.
LEGO Universe is a constantly expanding and changing world. Your feedback helps us to work on further improvement around the friend request confirmation process. With the parental control feature which we are still working on to make it more efficient you will be able to accept the friend requests for your son's Minifigure.
Enjoy your adventures and keep fighting against the evil Maelstrom - The Nexus Force is counting on you!
If you have any further comments and ideas, please contact us again.
LEGO Universe Support Team

I'm glad I was contacting them agout LEGO Universe, because if it was about a paeodophile, my son would have been snatched by now.

Anyway I have managed to find a hidden lego forum just for parents, so I'm off to get some peer support from a human, noy a Mythran, because all 3 support tickets I have are about the same thing. When I do find the special screen with controls and which shows child play time, I will probably want to control it - and also share it with you.


  1. Found the support foum - but not much help.

  2. [BB]Aegiithuun: You can give them a call on 1-877-779-0654. Lines are open Monday - Friday 8 am to 10 pm. Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 6 pm EST.

    [BB]Aegiithuun: I will have this problem with the website raised up and checked out by the website team.

    bigsmall2011: OK, let me just copy that.

    bigsmall2011: is that a UK number?

    [BB]Aegiithuun: Oh, I'm sorry, that's a US one. The UK number is 00800 5346 5555. Lines are open Monday - Friday 8 am to 10 pm.

    bigsmall2011: THanks. Will give them a ring on Monday.


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