Sunday, 10 July 2011

Glcd identification

What family do these belong to? And where is the datasheets?

I have just found a datasheet for the 1st unit - and the spec for the chipset T6963C that's inside it. Now before moving onto the next LCD, what's the give with these devices, do they fit into generic categories of protocol, or is it totally a non-standardised technical area. Found some PIC code, just need to figure out how to port it once I learn the PIC hardware by reading the LCD datasheet and marrying the I/O calls sensibly in my mind.
The LCD below is more mysterious, no clues on this one yet.

UPDATE : Read the following update post here


  1. Once my head stops hurting I will log in lattter tonite and add the dtasheets, unfortunately there is the matter of the faulty glass jar and wax seal for trapping the smoke.

  2. Oh, and better pics, these are terrible, much like my spelling.