Wednesday, 17 November 2010

When to stop testing

I recently self-studies for the ISTQB (International Software Test Qualification Board), basically to earn a certificate that says I know how to start testing softwre, something I have been doing for around 3 years now. It's a growing specialization area with lots of new challenges in actual application. But the process itself and language is very important, and the ISTQB makes sure of that. There are many levels of ISTQB (formerly ISEB) but foundation is easy enough for a practitioner to pass without any help. So now I have a certificate, but it does not stop there, hence my post.
ISTQB defines something called the FTP (Formal Test Process), although a tired acronym it lays out one important step, when to stop testing. Now this is totally new to me, because I never have thought of stopping as important, more about when to start as being important, so it's with relief I spotted this post by Jeff Wittaker who recently moved from MS to Google (or was lured), who agrees with me, never, just change what and how. I believe that is because formal test like ISTQB is based on waterfall not agile, and does not address System testing all that well, but if you peek at what MS and google have to say, you will be finding lots of tips.

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