Sourceforge Export Control decision reversed

But not before you have to go and edit each of your projects you administer (unless you are a joint admin) and turn the export blocking off. Sourceforge lifted the blanket export control ban after imposing it by default, but it appears that it is not automatically reversed if you have tweaked your Project Settings. When the ban was introduced, I went and unblocked my primary project, but 2 others were still set to blocked this morning.


  1. As a UK resident (not citizen) I am bound by these restrictions in a different way using a different subset, (the Cuba case specifically comes to mind) am I in danger of violating the blanket ban for any software export? And will SF be obliged to take the publishers origin into account in a silly attempt to stop honest persons from obtaining binaries, because persons how can compile sources will always be able to do so regardless of which ban technologies are used.

    I want to remain on the right side of the law, and do so pragmatically (Ie. well on the side of good, not treading it!).


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