Sunday, 27 June 2010

Website Pronunciation (onion award)

Goes to netlog wey   - I just deleted my account.

In their eagerness to get new users signed up, the system uses MSN Live data, imports all your msn contacts, and sends them a message suggesting that they also sign up to netlog. I am about to contact their tech support and have all the invites withdrawn with an apology. If it is not forthcomming, I will start finding something nasty to say about a website which is probably just another innocuous social web. I mean there layouts are nice and clean, some of their advertising is a bit off the beaten track, but the features and all are tempting to start using... if only they had not turned me into a spammer with just one click.

This is not this weeks only onion award - Orange mobile UK may be up for one on monday -which technically makes it next week, but the mess (if Orange did at all, indeed cause it) did start on thursday.

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