Google site thinks I'm popular

Apparently you get this page when you have exceeded some arbitrary bandwidth limit. The message
"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" made me initially think someone had hacked my site down, and it was being blocked on accoutn a spammer was linking to me, because I have my own domain name record pointing to the site from . Anyway, Apparently I have to wait for a day, after which I'll be able to edit my content and remove all the photos (they have probably hacked all my electronics porno images, and replaced them with pictures of the fairer variety LOL). Well, I'm convinced it's a server problem, So I'll be upgrading my flickr account and moving all my google pictures over to flickr.

It appears flickr have a 200 photo limit, so I will have to start shelling out every year to carry on using flickr, which is not bad at all, since flickr gets abused to do image framing in other sites all the time anyway.

Let's see how my website's brief moment of fame plays out - I'm sceptical it is real traffic, because I know that people have hosted high visitor-count sites there for other open-source things quite happily.