Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Digital Economy Act 2010

Read it in full - Hopefully you give up after page 1, I did'nt, becasuse it's really only 7 pages long, the thing that struck me is that it is just a load of air, OFCOM will do this that and the next thing and generate reports which (we may or my not) have full access to later on. I am just getting sick of the wishy washy way the government run things. It's &*#!@ war, why are we letting pen-pushers decide how the world will work electronically going forward. There are a lot of things in there that make Google's recent infringement of peoples open wifi network privacy while gathering streetview data, pale in comparisson. We need in my opinion to be getting intelligent minds onto the task of getting Britain a policy the does protect copyright, but mostly that makes the internet and associated networks safe to operate, and economic. The bill goes on about p2p and BitTorrent types in such general terms it's impossible to discern whether the writter (I assume somone has to read it) has any clue of the gravity of the situation.
I would move to Somalia tomorrow if I had my very own cellphone tower, I mean, communication is power, and the govt. has been know to #%@&# it up. I am also aware that there are a million more pressing matters to sort out like volcanic ash, channel tunnel breakdowns, low gritting salt stocks, gas prices.. oh yeah, I forgot, important stuff, like immigration and . Crown Copyright

So while the clever people work out policy, I will be studying cryptography, military spec network redundancy, and how to tunnel a P2P network using ASIC generated host hopping with some low latency clientside trade-off. It would have to be an open-source project of course.

So while the good work of passing bills needs to be done, citizens need to do a whole lot more, we cannot leave Whitehall to do it all for us, it is responsible yet dirty work, and I for one am not keen on doing it. But what I can do is help people to make informed decisions of the future, use the limited freedoms Britons do have better, and mostly to be a power for good.

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