Windows 7 driver signing of UsbAsp

Humm - sometimes Microsoft just get you in the goat, I think this is mostly because we love to hate Windows, so here is a tip to get your home-built AVR-ISP programmer working on 64-bit editions of Windows7. (PS: windoze 7 rocks!)
Mark Minasi's Windows Networking Tech Page
This is a neat technique, and does not involve downloading any dodgy programs , all you need is the Windows SDK, which can you download without any catches (totally free) and install in under 20 minutes. Just follow the steps in Mark's blog, which are basically:
  1. Get your machine into developer mode, and reboot
  2. Create a signing key
  3. Store it in your Certificate store
  4. Sign your driver, and then re-load it.
Anyway, follow the link for the details :-)

You can spot my ISP center-back, just next to the headphones - it's obvious we are short of space.