Steam Games Purchase Platform Dying?

I am a keen promoter of the steam platform - but encounter 2 barriers quite often
1. Navigation in the store is BAD - if I find a game demo, and like it, there is no link to go to the actual game on the demo page. I have to type it in as a search, why? Why can't I see all games from the same publisher on one page together either?
2. Too few games have ratings! how much work can it be to display the number of steam installs as a percentage over time when a rating is not available? I know it's missleading, but it's better than nothing.
Steam were innovators once, but Steam has not changed at all in the last 3 years, is Steam dying out?
3. Not a barrier, but a gripe - the reviews pasted into the store for games are not spell-checked - I can only imagine the same quality problems occur elsewhere?

Please raise your game.