Sunday, 21 March 2010

SHDC Cambridge hacker space meet #18

It is confirmed! We have the Shop on Jesus Lane for SHDC#18, Sat 27th March, from 7.30pm-late

If you don't know where the shop is, there is a link off

If you haven't been already been to a SHDC, it is basically a hackspace hacker meetup; an opportunity to get together in one place to work on your pet projects, be inspired by others, learn stuff and share ideas. The important thing is it is a *doing* shop rather than (just) a *talking* shop :) It is worth taking the time to come along with what you are going to work on (else procrastination may well be the primary activity!)

One rule, newbies have to bring cake. And we like cake. So if you are one, or know someone who should be encouraged to come along, pass on the message! You can never have enough cake! If you use twitter, you can pass on the message on

There is power and wifi and a fair amount of space, so bring your laptop, tools, hackable junk, snacks and a friend.

See you there!
(re-posted from the SHDC Google Group)

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