Soft Circuitry. Do we ever marvel enough at the accomplishments of consumer society? The ability to create demand for things we do not really need. The marketing angle that pushes the barter system way over the value price-point in such a way that you feel obliged to purchase something you cannot use for personal gain at all?

Do we think "what-if?" "when it's battery dies?" "when it looks grubby?", or "can I re-use it?". I'm always thinking of the re-purposing of consumer electronics, which is why TGIMBOEJ is such a cool idea.
  1. Pop over to the TGIMBOEJ website.
  2. Fill a shoebox with re-usable electronic parts
  3. Go back to the website, and sign up to get or send a box.

All the fun that can be had when you give a gift, of junk. The most interesting part of electronic junk is finding out what it is to start with. Most of the electronics forums have a thread where you can post a good photo and write down the markings. Do not worry if you do not know how to interpret the prefixes and suffixes, the guru's know that it's not easy, and they are all keen to help introduce the honest investigator to the world of discovery. Next step is to understand what a part was intended for, and then to use it to do something completely different. I think the proper term here is innovation.
Let the juices flow.