Intermediate C++ Programming Book reviews

Good intermediate books, beginner books are often too slow to get underway, these titles are definitely not.
The E-book that comes with Visual C++ is not bad, it's just not deep nor broad enough and lacks examples, so. Although the C++ Gurus may glean some gems from these titles, they are more likely the ones we passed on to our padawans.

In no specific preference order.

C++ Common Knowledge 
I own other titles in this series.

review - CodeGuru
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Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day
Now this book is the follow-on of the Tech yourself C++ in 21 days book, which I did get to hold in my grubby mits, and found pretty impressive. It's not lightweight mainly because it has space for all of the examples.
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Schaum's Outline of Programming with C++
This is the C++ programmers cheat-sheet book, it will not teach you C++, but is a easy to search resource, with just enough example code to show each language technique off. I think this book is a text-book for college courses. This book is so good, I would call it the beginners "paper" version of the online C++ FAQ :
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The 1st 2 books included a DC-rom too I believe. There are other comparable books out there, but I have not seen them up close yet.

I've not currently got any of these books on hand anymore, so the recommendations are based more on :
I have gotten good books from the same publisher or by the same author or co-authors, or I have had a chance to read and use them.

Remember good engineers are always learning.